Passenger arrested after guard confiscates sword

Police arrest man with sword in Sussex
Police arrest man with sword in Sussex

A brave southern Guard took a 3 foot sword from a passenger on Victoria train to London at 09:20 this morning.

The on board supervisor announced on the tannoy system to a train full of families and passengers on route to Christmas events and shopping in the capital that

“there was a problem with the doors at Horsham”

This town in Sussex is where the trains usually connect with extra carriages from the line that goes to the city from Bognor Regis.

The on board supervisor then said “the GPS equipment is malfunctioning and the doors would be operated manually instead at this time.”

The passenger was then arrested and handcuffed at Horsham station by two armed policemen dressed in black uniforms. The Bulldog the arrested man had with him on a lead was also taken off the train and looked after by one if the policeman on the platform.

The arrested man was calm but complaining and was escorted off the train with the guard still carrying the alarming silver coloured engraved weapon.

Then the on board supervisor used the tannoy system to explain to the passengers that

“the problem with the locked doors announcement was incorrect and there was actually no issue but that they had made the story up to help deal with an ‘incident’ that was now resolved.”

The passengers remained calm and the train continued to Victoria with no further problems and just a few minutes delay.