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Amanda Howse (BA Hons.) is a designer and writer with a diploma in News Journalism from London School of Journalism. Creative services include working on marketing projects for technology and retail clients. Amanda designs and makes interiors and textiles using recycled and vintage materials. She also enjoys sailing and aviation and living by the coast.

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12 Tips for Starting To De-Clutter Your Home in Late Summer

The initial stage of any project can 'make or break' if it is going to be a success. There has been lots of  picnic-ware...

Dining Community Challenged by Ordering Glitch at Freshly Reopened Pub Chain

Restaurants, pubs and cafes officially opened again in England on Saturday 4th July and their Scottish equivalents welcomed their first customers back this week...

Indoor Pubs and Restaurants Open in Both Scotland and England Today

Tens of thousands of restaurants, pubs and cafes officially opened in England on Saturday 4th July. For millions of English families it was a...
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