Houses in Kent England with for sale sign

How Does the Pricing of Housing in the UK Work?

Free market forces dictate prices In the United Kingdom how much money our citizens pay for a place to live is principally governed by capitalism...
Playing pool at pool table indoors

‘Them’s the Breaks’ says Boris Johnson in his Goodbye Speech

'Them’s the breaks’ says Boris in his ‘goodbye speech’ in central London this lunchtime, after a rollercoaster of a week in politics. This morning was...
Button batteries at home can be dangerous

Child Safety Week: Being Aware of the Dangers of Button Batteries

Who knew that a hidden danger to any children in your home is button batteries? This Child Safety Week (6-12th June) we are highlighting the...
No To War Poster, Dentist Surgery, Chichester, West Sussex

Homes for Ukraine in the UK

Love them or loath them the Conservatives have been navigating the way forward in Westminster for a dozen years now. The UK like many...
'Mannequins in gold outfits with city terraces' photo by A Howse

Happiness: Why we should keep our high expectations

Why we shouldn’t lower our expectations Once again, the Tokyo Olympics shows us the incredible levels of training and dedication that these amazing athletes are...
Redditch England: 'detatched homes and horses' photo by A Howse

Happiness: Why we should lower our expectations

The concept of lowering expectations This month Bridgid Delaney of the Guardian writes about our need at this uncertain time to be “striving for a... instagram account screenshot

Ten Instagram Marketing Tips To Try Today

Tip 1: Identify Target Audience A great first step is to work out who your target audience is for your products or services. Is it...
Forest with Global Goals Pavilion at Somerset House, London Design Biennale

Forbidden Forest Resonates at London Design Biennale

The third London Design Biennale Launches at Somerset House this week. The exhibition opened on the 1st June and it will run every day...
M&S Sparks Live Cocktail and Banksy Event (montage)

Why Virtual Events, Social Meetings and Zoom Parties are Here To Stay

Socialising online in the ‘new normal’ is all about keeping in touch and convenience  These virtual events allow far flung friends and family to continue...
Throney Island shoreline Hampshire

UK Has Fastest Eroding Coastline in Northern Europe: What’s the Solution?

In our previous article entitled How Coastal Erosion in the UK Can Massively Stress Struggling Communities we explored the problems and challenges of coastal...

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Queen Elizabeth II photo withlarge candle and flower in church

United Kingdom Mourns Death of Elizabeth II As Charles III Proclaimed King

In 1947 on her 21st birthday the Queen pledged: “I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall...
Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London

Queen Invites Conservative Liz Truss To Form New English Parliament

At we are sad to announce that Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday 8th September at her country estate in Balmoral, Scotland. We...
The Eternal Maker new premises is Sidlesham, West Sussex

Eternal Maker Celebrates 15th Birthday with New Barn Style Store

Anna Hodgson looks elegant, happy and radiant in a pretty apple green handmade summer dress as she welcomes new and returning customers into her...
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