UK General Election: Starmer Leads Labour into Power with Historic Victory Over Opposition

Labour campaign flyer and West Streeting quote from Metro newspaper. Photo by A.Howse
Labour campaign flyer and West Streeting quote from Metro newspaper. Photo by A.Howse

The votes had been mostly counted after a long day at polling stations all over the United Kingdom last night at 10pm.

This week the polls had predicted that an unprecedented number of people would select to mark a cross in the box for their local Labour party candidates, who were representing their local constituency area. Labour is the major party in opposition to the Conservatives who have been in power for the last 14 years. The last six weeks has seen an energetic roller coaster of an election contest.

It was a truly breathtaking moment when the preliminary UK general election results were announced last night live on television.

Labour had, as the polls had predicted, secured a mega majority of parliamentary seats in the Houses of Parliament gaining an amazing 412 seats. The Liberal Democrats had also won more seats than ever before, with a comparatively impressive 61 seats for their party led by Ed Davies.

It was a truly crushing defeat for the Conservatives who are trailing far behind Labour with 121 seats in a way not seen since the 1930’s and that most of us have never seen in our lifetime.

“The Conservatives saw their vote share almost halve to 23.7 percent, down from 43.6 per cent at the last election.” Reported the Financial Times today. (4)

Rishi Sunak took responsibility for the failure of his party to continue in power, in his departure from Number 10 Downing Street speech earlier. Sunak apologised to the nation for not meeting their expectations. Then with gentlemanly professionalism, he wished the new Prime Minister Keir Starmer and his family the best of luck in the top job role, as he departed holding his wife’s hand. Rishi Sunak was undoubtedly feeling some sense of relief from the pressure of uniting the United Kingdom behind a troubled and ailing Conservative party, which has probably made for a very stressful couple of years.

Today the final results rolled in and with only 2 seats left to declare a huge win for Keir Starmer and the Labour party is confirmed with Labour winning a 33.7% share of the all the votes cast. (1)

The seats won so far today are as follows:

Labour 412, Conservatives 121, Liberal Democrats 71,

Scottish National party 9, Sinn Fein 7, Independent 6, Democratic Unionist Party 5, Reform UK 4, Green 4, Plaid Cymru 4, Social Democratic & Labour Party 2, Alliance Party 1, Ulster Unionist Party 1, Traditional Unionist Voice 1

This means the majority of voters in the UK have voted against re-electing the Conservatives, sending a very strong message for the party.

Men and women of all ages have chosen to turn up and vote for the change which Sir Keir Starmer and his team are proposing. Wes Streeting is likely to become Labour’s Health Secretary very soon, when Keir Starmer announces his new government. Speaking on Laura Kuenssberg’s Sunday morning politics show on the BBC recently, Streeting warned that “not voting was giving a fresh mandate to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his cabinet” to continue with an increasingly unpopular government besieged by scandals and policies that many citizens did not support.  (3)

The public are giving Labour an opportunity to demonstrate how they will improve Great Britain and Northern Ireland by putting into practice the policies that they have outlined in their Labour manifesto. These commitments include prioritising the health service, the green economy, new immigration strategies, education reforms and measures to further prevent anti-social behaviour.

However, according to the Independent this general election is “on track to be the lowest turnout for 20 years” with the percentage of voters who actually put their slips and postal votes in the ballot box standing at around 60%.

Time will tell if Sir Keir Starmer and his team are able to deliver on their manifesto promises. For now, it is all smiles and hopeful excitement for a fresh chapter, a new government and looking forward to the release of pent-up energy and funds that will now be able to roll into action. Getting all these new policies and projects off the ground will help make Great Britain and Northern Ireland stronger if it works.

Sir Keir Starmer makes his upbeat acceptance speech at Number 10 Downing Street this afternoon. On a windy, sunshine and showers day in London, after obtaining permission to form a new government from King Charles II at Buckingham Palace, the Labour leader will begin his time in office as the United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister. As the new cabinet is chosen, there will be celebrations in many constituencies across the country, that continue into this weekend.

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