Bestselling Author Kate Mosse Launches ‘The Ghost Ship’ with a Magical Midsummer Appearance

Author Kate Mosse launches
Author Kate Mosse launches "TheGhost Ship" at Waterstones, Chichester, West Sussex

Kate Mosse enchanted the audience at Waterstones event with a memorable book signing experience. The evening naturally highlighted Kate’s talent and wisdom as an exceptional writer, historian and as an established leader of the arts in Britain.

Yesterday evening sixty fans of the bestselling author Kate Mosse were lucky enough to attend a wonderful evening event to celebrate the launch of her latest book ‘The Ghost Ship’ at Waterstones bookshop in Chichester, West Sussex in England.

Former Chichester High School student Mrs Mosse looked upbeat and relaxed as she strolled along the sunlit medieval West Street, past the historic Chichester Cathedral where she made her way to arrive at the imposing vintage print boutique in perfect time, for the sold-out occasion, which started at 7pm.

The President of the Festival of Chichester, which is currently in full swing, Kate Mosse smiled happily as she greeted the upmarket bookstore Manager and her team warmly. Mrs Mosse then posed elegantly for a quick personal photograph to mark the important moment with her freshly pressed new edition ‘The Ghost Ship’ outside the traditional Georgian shop window.

The storefront exclusively displayed framed images of the handsome new book covers, featuring a striking nautically coloured ceramic tile design front cover complete with a sailing ship logo. The prints are smartly framed along with key information related to the selling of Kate’s latest novel.

The author and manager stepped back inside the old building and joined the enthusiastic guests and staff on the first floor of the voluminous old bookstore, many of which were enjoying chatting over a refreshing drink on this warm June evening.

Kate gave a friendly individual welcome to many of the literary attendees, before merrily seating herself at the front of the book signing table. Five dozen guests sat listening very carefully facing Mrs Mosse who was comfortably perched quite closely to the first row of seated readers and in front of a branded presentation board, splashed with images of Kate’s latest creative publication.

After a formal introduction by the professional store Manager and much clapping, Kate Mosse began an informative and informal talk, where she outlined how her life has unfolded in many wonderful ways. Kate elaborated fascinatingly on how her journey as an author and creative professional, who is based in Sussex, has been an exciting, positive and sometimes challenging adventure.

Successful fiction and non-fiction writer, journalist, broadcaster and cultural leader Kate Mosse attended New Collage at Oxford University where she gained a BA(Hons.) degree in English Literature in 1984.

Mrs Mosse treated us all to stories of how her personal family life evolved from strong roots and friendships in the Chichester harbour area. Kate told us how her children with fellow author and husband Greg Mosse have grown up strong and how they are a close family. Mrs Mosse also shared how their son is also following in his parent’s footsteps this year, by becoming a published fiction writer.

Kate described how she enjoys the intellectual freedom and also the unexpected and stimulating historical knowledge that occurs from having the opportunity to spend time abroad absorbing different cultures and researching writing her unique books.

Mrs Mosse especially admires the historic fortified city of Carcassonne in the south of France where she shares a much-loved family cottage. Kate also feels at home in the Canary Islands and was in more recent years particularly taken with the historical treasures that she found in learning more about South Africa’s cultural heritage while she explored the towns and landscape. Mrs Mosse is interested in how the Europeans engaged with the South Africans and how the agriculture and trading routes many centuries ago shaped the country’s history and ethnic development.

The ancient facts and the old stories that belong to the places that Kate has visited has inspired several of her novels which are usually formed through a process which marries her extensive visionary imagination with little known historical gems and dramatic happenings from fascinating past places and times.

The audience were treated to an outline of the tale of her latest book which follows the escapades of two strong, brave and formidable 17th century female seafarers. The Waterstones press summary declares enticingly:

“The Ghost Ship is inspired by the real-life story of pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, in 1621 two women set sail from Amsterdam for Cape Town at the height of the wars of religion in France.  Travelling from France and Holland, the Canary Islands to South Africa, it’s an epic adventure story of revenge on the High Seas, family secrets, a love story spanning countries and generations, and courageous women fighting to survive in a man’s world.”

Kate also treated the assembled literary fans at Chichester’s best known book emporium to a beautifully spoken ‘sneak preview’ reading from her latest work, the latest in The Joubert family Chronicles: The Map of Bones’ which is due to be put out on the shelves in October. The charming leading British novelist transported the audience to another time and world with her latest creation.

In 2005 Kate Mosse published Labyrinth which is the first title in the Languedoc Trilogy which became a bestseller immediately.

Mrs Mosse was granted the honour of Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth II in 2013 for her services to literature. Kate Mosse was awarded Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) by King Charles II in the New Year 2024 honours for services to literature, women and charity. The BBC News reported that “Author Kate Mosse, best known for her Languedoc Trilogy, says she considers her CBE as recognition of the importance of The Women’s Prize for Fiction, which she co-founded.” (3)

As well as continuing to help and inspire others through her work as Chair of the Board of the Women’s prize for Fiction and also as a Professor of Contemporary Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Chichester, Kate Mosse is excited about producing more original new literary and theatrical works in the near future.

Over the past few years Kate has been developing a campaign to nominate Women In History (#WomenInHistory) Mrs Mosse mentioned last night that there are more plans in the pipeline to celebrate up to a thousand incredible women, which includes her work on Warrier Women and Queens of Antiquity.

“Our ‘First 500’ is varied and fabulous, it sings with admiration for so many inspiring women throughout the ages and those who are making history today. It’s all about putting all the women back into history, not just a select few. Because only by learning about the whole past, in all its technicolour glory, can we really know where we stand now.” Kate Mosse (4)

Celebrating the amazing women in history, their legacies and their contribution to how we live today will likely be central to Kate Mosse’s book and theatre performance themes in the near future. “Writing women back into history” is important says Kate Mosse.

Nominating world-changing women who have been previously overlooked is a brilliant way to further expand Kate’s sizable contribution to the arts in England and as an inspirational role model for anyone who has thought about pursuing creative writing and making a difference in their communities.

Kate Mosse delighted everyone who she met as she thoughtfully signed copies of her new book “The Ghost Ship” last night in Waterstones in Chichester. Kate’s legacy and historic work celebrating and promoting previously overlooked women in history will definitely continue to educate and inspire everyone, particularly women and younger generations, all over the world, for a very long time into the future.


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