United Kingdom Mourns Death of Elizabeth II As Charles III Proclaimed King

Queen Elizabeth II photo withlarge candle and flower in church
Queen Elizabeth II photo with large candle and flower in church

In 1947 on her 21st birthday the Queen pledged:

“I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.”

Since her ascension to the throne in 1952 and coronation in 1953 the Queen has experienced many changes in governments, society and culture across the world.

On Thursday 8th September reports about the Queen’s mobility issues which had been given by the Palace as the reason that the Queen was to stay in Balmoral for the season and foreseeable future, became more serious in tone. It was announced that the Prince of Wales and close family would all travel up to the Queen’s favourite Scottish palace, as “concern for the Queen’s health” increased.

Sadly, it was announced that in the afternoon of Thursday 8th September that the Queen had died peacefully surrounded by her close family. Elizabeth II was 96 years old and had celebrated her Platinum Jubilee in June, which was heralded as a great success by all involved.

Although there has been no further comment by the Royal Palace on the matter, reports online speculated that her dark skin tone on her hands indicated a vascular heart problem, which could have caused a disease where her major organs may have been shutting down slowly, often linked to advanced age. However, this private information has not been confirmed by the Palace.

A sign posted on the gates of Buckingham Palace brought the news that many had dreaded but knew was inevitable, at some point in the future. The poster advised that Queen Elizabeth II had died peacefully that day at her home at Balmoral.

On hearing the news, thousands of Londoners made their way to the Queen’s official London home and nearby Green Park. The loyal royal followers laid flowers and hand written cards to show their respect and sadness at the news of the Queen’s passing. As the Royal Standard flags were flown at half-mast an enormous double rainbow appeared to lift the spirits of the somberly gathering crowds at Buckingham Palace.

As the continuity of the royal family is a cornerstone of the leadership and stability of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations, it was swiftly announced that the late Queen’s eldest son Charles, formally known as the Prince of Wales would ascend to the throne and King Charles III was declared King to reign over the kingdom.

As the hereditary role dictates the King is also simultaneously declared the Head of the Church of England.

On Friday 9th September King Charles III made his first televised address to the nation as the new monarch. The pre-recorded speech set just the right tone and focused on what an extraordinary Queen Elizabeth the II had been and how it would be impossible to step into her shoes. Charles promised to devote himself to serving the nation as King for ‘the rest of his life’.

Charles spoke of how he was full of admiration and respect for the example Queen Elizabeth has shown with her tireless and dutiful dedication to her country’s subjects. Charles mentioned how his mother was globally recognized with her unrivalled role as an international diplomat and peaceful leader. Charles also acknowledged how much the family matriarch would be missed. With personally humble and loving words the new King spoke of how much he will miss his darling Mammy.

With Camilla his ‘darling’ loving wife of seventeen years by his side Charles III confirmed that William will be the new Prince of Wales. King Charles made it clear that the royal family had been prepared for this eventuality and however difficult he and his close family would do their best to lead the country and continue their lives of service, promoting and supporting the people of the nation to which they are deeply committed.

King Charles III explained that the organisations and charities that he has for many years been involved with will now be supported by his team and his son and wife William and Kate the new Prince and Princess of Wales will be integral to this natural process smoothly.

Today Saturday 10th September saw evidence of the royal family’s ongoing commitment to tradition and ceremony that goes back dozens of royal generations. There was pomp and ceremony at St James’s Palace, the original monumental seat of power for the royal family going back hundreds of years. As the powerful Mayor of London proclaimed the ascension of the new King of the United Kingdom he was accompanied by Beefeaters and trumpeters in full regalia.

The Clerk of the Council read the Accession Proclamation declaring King Charles III the new monarch, Head of the Commonwealth and Defender of the Faith which means her is also head of the Church of England.

Inside St James palace the seat of power leading the country was confirmed. The Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mourdant chaired the event which involved Charles III signing the declaration of power alongside his wife Camilla and supported by next in line for the throne, his son William.

In the front rows of the packed historic hall Charles III’s signature was witnessed by the current Prime Minister Liz Truss and several formal Prime Ministers and leaders of the opposition including Sir John Major, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Boris Johnson and Teresa May.

Simultaneously hundreds of official Books of Condolences were signed in cities across the UK as the country supported one another with coming to terms with a change of government in England and monarchy all across the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, all in the same week.

A show of royal family unity was demonstrated by the younger royals in the family as the ‘Fab Four’ or William and Harry and their wives Katherine and Megan met members of the public who were outside the gates of Buckingham Palace last night. They waved at the crowds and carefully surveyed the flowers and messages, just as King Charles III and his wife Queen Consort Camilla had done the previous day.

Today the procession of regal motor cars including a shiny black hearse containing Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin draped in an embroidered Scottish flag slowly made its way through many villages from Balmoral to its destination of Edinburgh Castle.

King Charles III was proclaimed King of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at ceremonies in Edinburgh Castle, Cardiff Castle and Belfast’s Hillsborough Castle.

There will be a period of mourning across the UK and the Commonwealth and the state funeral is expected to take place on Monday 19th September which will be a Bank Holiday in the UK.

A female Prime Minister and a male King is a role reversal of sorts. This week the continuity and machinery of power swung impressively into carefully prepared and choreographed action. This ensures the traditional processes, that provide a framework for transitions of power, continue undaunted. The power balance between the hereditary ruling monarchy and the democratically elected parliament in the United Kingdom continues to create stability and longevity for all the people that live in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.