Spring Well-Being Outdoors Together Again in England

Sussex sunset original art by A Howse
Sussex sunset original art by A Howse

In England we have all been very happy to see the warmer weather and longer days to cheer us up. For creative folk Spring is a time to be inspired by nature and the blossoming and blooming of our gardens, countryside and coastlines. On the south coast our environment is a joy during the spring and summer months.

Just spending a little time outside looking at the bees, butterflies and other miniature insects, chicks and other new-born animals brings us comfort and pleasure. Smelling the grass and plants after the rain and listening to the birdsong and the sound of families enjoying a day at the beach is delightful.

It is possible to paint outside, or inside with all the doors and windows open, on most days. The extended hours of daylight make drawing, crafts, gardening and all sort of other creative pastimes possible. Sports and socialising can be enjoyed well into the evening and outside music and campfire songs become an option once more, during this special time of year.

We have been (as safely as possible) meeting up with family, friends and work colleagues once again. On the whole for most young people and adults returning to workplaces and attending events is really uplifting.

Millions of people completed their DIY to do list during the lockdowns last year and the year before. Moving into bigger homes in more rural ‘out of the city’ locations has also been a key trend in England. Market towns and coastal areas have received in many cases a much-needed tourism boost with increased year-round local custom and visitors from all over Britain and the rest of the UK. Online shopping is part of life now for nearly everyone and you can see many other unique makers at Etsy.com for example. Consequently, garden centres and horticultural parks are extremely busy destinations at the moment.

Adults and young people took up new creative hobbies and tried new skills during the unexpected ‘work from home if you can’ weeks. Guitars were played, hats were crocheted, vegetables were grown, online courses were achieved, languages were learnt and sewing stash projects were accomplished.

In London, Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey the tourism websites and social event listings are full with Pride carnivals, theatre performances, art exhibitions, musical performances, summer fetes, community and market shows. In addition, all manner of contests and street party related ‘knees ups’ are promoted with red, white and blue bunting displays to advertise the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, this extended bank holiday weekend.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see what creative work directions and new hobbies become a permanent part of daily living in the future, as most people find time to visit friends, take minibreaks, commute and go to meetings and conferences ‘in real life’ once again.

We have several massive challenges in our society, along with some excellent opportunities to improve the quality of life for our fellow citizens nearby and globally, which we will look at in more detail in future. Related HotEnough.com posts, include for example ’10 Reasons Why Volunteering Can Change Your Life’ and ‘Homes for Ukraine in the UK’. (1) (2)

As a country the people of the United Kingdom are known for innovation and creativity in solving problems and creating solutions. This is definitely a time to use our positive energy to help others in our community locally and globally, to be able to live a better life.

The popularity of cooking programmes, art documentaries, interior design and DIY makeovers, gardening shows and ‘repair shop’, sewing and and craft competitions on television and streaming channels remains enormous. It seems we are still a nation of enthusiastic amateur makers who love to master a new skill and spend our free time responding to that very human, natural and positive ‘urge to create’.

How wonderful to be able to support our local creative businesses and be able to sign up for classes and workshops in our area once again. Such a boost to the spirits to enjoy spending time creating and learning with others and in the process to benefit from making new friends too.


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