More Makeover Ideas for Homes With Lodgers

First floor double bedroom ready for lodgers
First floor double bedroom ready for lodgers

Recently we helped complete a home interior makeover in order to accommodate welcoming the lodgers moving into a delightful mid-century house in Hampshire in England, for the first time.

We kept the walls and furniture light and bright in order to give the cottage a feeling of freshness and space. The effect means touching up with white paint in the future is a breeze and the views over the park remain the star feature of this cool modern pad.

The galley kitchen is clean and functional with units, furniture and furnishings from Ikea all expertly fitted and tiled by Mr Golding from Kent. All our projects together have worked out superbly due to Mr Golding’s attention to detail and extensive experience. (Contact us for more details) Large tiles were sourced from online suppliers and used both on the worktops and the floor. The light white marble effect tiles are particularly stunning as a heatproof work surface and their large size makes keeping the kitchen spotless very easy. 

Attice bedroom desk and dressing table
Attic bedroom desk and dressing table

This year we have also designed 1960’s home to appeal just to female lodgers in this townhouse which is also in Hampshire, England. This property has the benefit of an attic bedroom which has a wonderful cosy feel to it. In this scheme we paid particular attention to the details. This is because the new professional in the household was arriving from overseas.

Bedroom storage and seating suitable for lodgers
Bedroom storage and seating suitable for lodgers

We wanted our lovely lady to feel instantly at home so we redecorated and added lots of textures. We have shopped locally for our second-hand items from local charities and upcycled pieces throughout the home. We have also chosen local retailers for all our furnishings pictured here.

The views over pretty gardens are highlighted by the durable and cosy CarpetRight silver carpet, ivory lace painted walls by Dulux at B&Q and coordinating accessories in a soft pink accent colour. The unusual bedside tables are reproduction cherry wood pieces from Europe, which add character to the inviting boudoir.

Most of the bought accessories and 100% cotton bedding is from Asda. The jewellery hanger is handmade and the Irish linen tablecloth, curtains and the white chest of drawers are all vintage. The metal double bed and mattress are from Ikea and the chair and desk which doubles as a dressing table is from B&Q. The outdoor chair matches a set that is used in the garden for outdoor dining, so this chair can be easily used as extra seating for guests if needed.

We like to add a TV with a firestick in each bedroom to enable most channels and streaming services to be available. This system can be used with the fast broadband connection which is all included for our hard-working home sharers to relax with at the end of the day. We have also taken care to design the sitting rooms and gardens to make sure everyone can enjoy living in a smart contemporary home together.

Interior kitchen suitable for lodgers
Interior kitchen suitable for lodgers

For more information on designing bedroom specifically for female lodgers see our article here:  How to design a lodger ladies bedroom for an ideal house sharing experience

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Bedding and accessories local shop Asda superstore

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