What’s Still Cool About Social Event Zooming in the UK?

Computer workstation with audio headphones ready for virtual meeting
Computer workstation with audio headphones ready for virtual meeting

Social Video Conferencing Overview

In 20201 Microsoft Teams, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp and a whole host of other digital communication software providers, all deliver the ability for people across the world to connect. These companies all offer both audio and visual communication in real time through the latest video conferencing technology.

This efficient method of meeting up and conversing has transformed the working lives of millions and during the pandemic. The transformation from the physical ‘office appointment in person’ to the digital meeting in a dedicated home office space version, has brought about a massive shift in lifestyle for western societies.

In 2020 a high proportion of the reasonably priced web cameras sold out as soon as the coronavirus lockdowns were announced. Millions of UK residents quickly became new users of Zoom, Microsoft Teams and the other networks. Fortunately nearly everybody of all ages owns a digital phone or device which is capable of going on the internet and streaming a video meeting with their peers, friends or family.

Why people still enjoy going to events online 

Javaad Alipoor who is an artist and writer known for his recent production ‘Rich kids: A History of Shopping malls in Tehran’. This week during a recorded conversation about technology he said that “people will zoom if it feels ‘eventy’.” During the online zoom discussion about culture,technology and innovations held by the Federation of Small Business in partnership with the arts funding charity the Genesis Foundation, Alipoor went on to explain that the virtual meeting needs to be something special in order to inspire people to attend “after a long work day, possibly filled with zoom calls”. (1) (2)

Zoom’s message feature also adds interest to live events as instant ‘on the go’ feedback from clients and fans can be seen by everyone as a zoom social event unfolds. It can be entertaining to see both the positive and negative interactive comments from those attendees joining in during live events.

Adding a competition onto the agenda is nearly always part of the design of these virtual sessions. Adding an extra incentive to ‘join’ the scheduled meetup increases the delight of the evening with the possibility of winning a covetable and often expensive prize. Zooms that are more social in nature are nearly always later in the day when working folk are most likely to be able to enjoy some free time.

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