High Street Retailers Put the Pleasure into Lifestyle Inspired Leisure Events

Cocktails at M&S Sparks Live Banksy Event on Zoom
Cocktails at M&S Sparks Live Banksy Event on Zoom

Last week high street retailer Marks and Spencer held a glamorous Banksy artist exhibition preview on zoom. The ‘Sparks Live The Art of Banksy Virtual Tour & Cocktail Inspiration’ was a delicious combination indeed and all the ‘loyalty customers’ were invited by email. The first part of this trendy happening involved a demonstration of how to prepare the perfect fruity drink to accompany the presentation. In the comfort of the public participants in their own home the cultural mix was introduced by presenter June Sarpong OBE of ITV’s Loose Women fame. (5)

The second part included a Covent Garden gallery view of well known and new contemporary paintings by the famous spray painting artist. London based producer Sean Sweeny spoke about each piece in turn as if the audience was joining a traditional gallery tour.

This fun diversion proved very popular with a public who has been unable to go to their usual favourite art galleries over the previous year. Many cultural museums have been shut for many months until this May when restrictions have started to be gradually lifted in England. At least 5 thousand shoppers have seen the ‘The Art of Banksy Virtual Tour & Cocktail Inspiration’ on YouTube alone. Marks and Spencer’s have benefitted from sales of fresh produce for their specific ‘buy in advance’ cocktail ingredients list.

Major brands such as Marks and Spencer have used this format for bridging the ‘socially distanced gap’ between salespeople and their loyal followers. Technology has bridged the gap with clients who might have usually booked themselves in for a personal ‘one to one’ chat such as a skincare consultation.

Zoom events topics have covered everything from beauty to BBQ cooking and it is not only the well known businesses that are using this format. John Lewis are offering a selection of zoom events this season from ‘baby and child’ to ‘garden’ and ‘craft’ themed events and they even have a ‘cookery school’.

Even lingerie departments and smaller boutique style shops have been offering personal zoom appointments, to assist with measuring and fitting ladies from the comfort of their own dressing rooms. As the software is cheap or free there is no barrier for small business enterprises jumping on the bandwagon, to keep their customers entertained and up to date.

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