How to Make Raised Planters and Add Mediterranean Garden Style

Meditterranean raised planters
Meditterranean raised planters

This spring we have all been making the most of our outdoor spaces especially since the gradual lifting of the regulations has allowed us to walk and meet outside together once again. Inspired by wonderful Mediterranean design we have created a new ceramic stone coloured patio where some old decking used to be.

We have chosen an area of the garden in a mid century terrace in Hampshire, England which faces west and enjoys lots of sunshine. This design could be scaled up by adding more panels and planters or scaled down by just building one planter with a single trellis panel. This method is suitable for a large property or a small balcony. Alternatively installing a trellis planter of this type at the side or front of a property might make a pretty focal point so a tiny outdoor space can still look special.

Mediterranean raised planters with tulips
Mediterranean raised planters with tulips by Create Display

How to make the raised planters with trellis back panels

  1. Firstly to create both impact and privacy in the garden we have built a high fence at least 2.3 metres high using thick wooden posts to make a large frame. The hardest part of this project was connecting the large OSB panels onto an existing rendered brick wall standing around 1.2 metres high.
  2. Using timber posts and a masonry drill we screwed right angled brackets at regular intervals onto both the existing wall and the posts. Then once the structure was ready we screwed the vertical OSB panels closely butted together into place.
  3. The outdoor treated timber lengths now support the orientated strand board (OSB) panels to form a large flat wall. We then painted the new textured wooden surface with dark green fence paint from B&Q’s own brand range. It is a good idea to save time by not cutting the OSB boards and securing them in a portrait orientation gives us the height we wanted. (2)
  4. The supports for the planters were constructed using thick finished spruce timber from B&Q left over from building our studio cabin. It is important to raise the planters up off the patio to help make the space feel as spacious as possible and allow for drainage when watering. Another benefit is being closer to the flowers to make the most of their beauty and plus it makes watering the plants easier. The durable black plastic containers are from B&Q and are a bargain at £6.30 each. (2)
  5. It was easy to fill the planters with fresh soil and pop in the tulip bulbs ready for the warmer weather. We have already grown some climbing clematis and there are more wallflowers planned to continue the vertical planting theme.
  6. We attached eight vertical pieces of trellis from Covers to add interest and support climbing plants. We painted the trellis with Cuprinol from B&Q in the country cream colourway to match our new design studio. (4)

Introducing Meditteranean elements throughout the garden 

In another area of the garden a simple bamboo lattice is easy to create using twine and bamboo sticks. The bamboo arches from Hillier work really well for supporting growing plants like tomatoes. (3)

Clematis, palm and bamboo trellis (detail)
vers Clematis, palm and bamboo trellis (detail)

When we laid the new patio we also added a curving raised bed to soften the edges of the space and provide an area for growing lots of different shrubs and flowers. So far the jasmine has done well and some small palms add texture and interest too. We are adding lots of circular shapes to this otherwise rectangular residential plot to give a much more attractive ‘relaxing on holiday’ terrace feel to what was previously a bland backyard.

Mini roses in large terracotta pot
Mini roses in large terracotta pot

If you travel frequently and don’t have the time or you are unable to care for a grass lawn then artificial grass can be an alternative option. Good quality artificial grass that is carefully and thoughfully added can bring areas of colour and visually soften the hard landscaping in a Mediterranean garden helping to bring harmony to the outdoor haven. See below for tips on choosing artificial grass by GreenSmart Landscaping who are based in the South East of England.

No Mediterranean garden would be complete without terracotta pots of flowers. This outdoor haven features pink roses in a large glazed terracotta urn from our local Hillier garden center. The ceramic container sits on top of a circular raised bed with rounded grey stones that used to be an old water feature. Now the planted old brickwork circle is a pretty botanical focal point that looks great all year round through the patio windows in the kitchen.

Flower wreath blue bow by Create Display
Flower wreath blue bow by Create Display

In the summer months get ready for guests by adding outdoor furniture and textiles in natural materials. Hang up colourful floral wreaths like these handmade pieces from Create Display to decorate the walls of your continental style entertaining area and compliment the colours of your foliage. Enjoy the delights of al fresco dining with friends in a fresh and neat open air oasis or just some well earned time relaxing outside on the patio. (1)

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