The Candle Brand Wins Gift of the Year in the Top Drawer Award Ceremony

The Candle Brand flower diffuser package
The Candle Brand flower diffuser package

Last week the innovative ‘Top Drawer on Demand’ event took place online. Usually Kensington Olympia is the prestigious location for the UK’s business, networking and buying fair for the creative fashion and home furnishings industry. This season in the UK the government’s lockdown restrictions continue, in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19. To ensure social distancing and embrace the need to work from home, this February’s bi-annual extravaganza was held using video calling technology.

Pips Taylor from Top Drawer presented a wonderful interview via webcam with Christina Brand from The Candle Brand on Friday 29th January. We joined Christina as she demonstrated one of her top sellers ‘the flower diffuser’. A glass jar containing beautifully scented liquid holds sola wood reed wicks which come complete with sculptural wood flower tops. The light coloured posy cleverly distributes fragrance automatically, thanks to the reed wicks and a cotton rope.

The reed takes up the delicate juice from the jar ready to transform any space with pretty floral, fruity and herbal scents, depending on which of Christina’s tempting flavour combinations is chosen. This attractive spray of blossoms has no ‘nasties’ and is eco friendly with sustainably sourced ingredients. Her UK made items are reasonably priced too as the flower diffusers are £21.99 and the bottles are £12.

The Candle Brand flower diffuser
The Candle Brand flower diffuser

The Candle Brand is based in Norwich close to the beautiful Norfolk countryside on the east coast of England. Christina started her company in 2018 after going on a candle making course while she was on maternity leave. “I have always been creative so it all just made sense.” she said with happiness about the lifestyle transition she has bravely made along with her husband Colin. Mrs Brand’s commercial experience includes banking, property consultancy and animal welfare so she is well placed to manage a new business, with all the different skills that this challenging role requires.

Minimising the impact on the environment is key to the company’s philosophy. “We make our products by hand using traditional manufacturing methods, and with high quality materials. We make conscious decisions about every part of the business – from the materials we work with, to the eco-friendly packaging we use.”

Coconut, soy and rapeseed wax and family safe fragrances are examples of the botanical vegan friendly ingredients in the hand poured candles. The Candle Brand website confirms that all the items are non-toxic and are free from phthalates, palm oil, beeswax, dyes and synthetic additives.

Christina recommends her invigorating eucalyptus and lemon fragrance is a “good all rounder” place to start when choosing from the 14 scents available. The Candle Brand’s selection includes a ‘pick and mix’ option which comes with cotton bags full of squares mini melts.

The magic encapsulated in these wax melts is formulated using coconut and all of the packaging is biodegradable. It is intended that small ceramic burners can be used with tealights to gently warm and release the melting wax scents into the air slowly. The traditional burners can be purchased from this thriving British small business. Mrs Brand also reveals that an electric powered wax melt burner is also available soon.

The Burn & Bloom 20 Hour Candle’ is another product in the range which comes in a variety of fragrances such as ‘Lavender with Clary Sage’ and ‘Norfolk Gin. The attention to detail is impressive particularly considering the £11.99 price point. The labels on the candle jars can be planted as they contain wildflower seeds. Larger 35 hour and 55 hour candles are also best sellers and good value at under £21.99. Four different gift sets in stylish wooden boxes are offered for under £40 each, so there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

It was announced this week that The Candle Brand’s flower diffuser has just won ‘The Gift of The Year’ prize in the Top Drawer awards for the gift category. The judges loved the ’20 Hour Burn and Bloom’ which makes an ideal present for a friend or loved one.

This innovative group venture involves Colin Christina’s husband and Kirsty who is Christina’s sister in law. Two generations work together as Kim Colin’s mother is also part of this hard working and close knit clan. Ellie is Christina’s sister and part of the family at The Candle Brand. Ellie writes about “scent escapism” being the perfect way to calm and relax at home at this time where all our lives have been touched by the extraordinary events in the world. People of all ages are looking at ways of supporting their local makers and manufacturers this year.

There is a real demand for interior objects that bring spiritually uplifting vibes into our houses at the moment. Our properties have become everything from offices and restaurants to spas during the lockdowns. Filling rooms with inspiring and comforting aromas is a great way to support mental health and wellbeing. Warming scents can transport any household to a more peaceful ‘hygge’ place. We sense that The Candle Brand can look forward to many bright years ahead and the Brand team will continue to blossom and flourish in the future.

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‘On Demand 2021’ The Candle Brand at Top Drawer, 10 February 2021 ‘On Demand 2021’ The Candle Brand at Top Drawer