What’s New With Applying For Jobs in the UK in 2020

Professionals meeting at a commercial event in London
Professionals meeting at a commercial event in London

If finding a new job is top of your list for October there are some silver linings to be found in the jobs market in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Applicants may need to be flexible in terms of location in order to take advantage of fresh roles created by all the changes that Covid-19 has brought to all of society and almost every business.

Most experts agree that targeting your efforts to a select number of companies offering jobs in your chosen field is still the way to go. Despite the efficiencies of automation making it possible to ‘blanket apply’ for high numbers of jobs with one virtual CV this method is not recommended. Instead aim to hit the numbers with targeted applications with companies that your research has shown are really ideal for your career progression and goals. (1)

There are lots of good current articles online about how to write the perfect curriculum vitae. Sending a CV is still the key method for attracting a great new employer in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Emine Saner at The Guardian’s top tip is to keep it relevant to the position for which you are applying. (2) It is really worth reading articles on exceptional CV writing by recruiters like Reed and LinkedIn who include additional verbs and other words that can help highlight your achievements, without including any unwanted and overused resume cliches. (3)

This week two of my close friends have just landed ideal positions in major companies in different industries. This shows it is possible to follow your career path during a pandemic if you focus hard on the process. In both these cases working closely on the telephone with recruitment agencies who have close contacts with employers has paid off, resulting in concrete job offers to consider within a month or two. Social distancing is affecting how interviews are conducted and its worth downloading video conferencing software onto your computer and smart phone in advance.

Try ‘googling’ yourself to check your online impression is going to impress your potential managing director. Have a critical look at your personal instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media and websites. It is time to delete and consider adding new posts to reflect your suitability for your chosen trade and level of responsibility.

It is reasonable to politely request to visit the prospective employers office or factory in person on another day in the near future, if this is important to you. Similarly make time to research a new city or location and ask your recruitment advisor to help you understand if this town has the sort of transport options, leisure activities, nature opportunities, educational facilities, accommodation and social life that you are after. It would be fine to talk about whether your essential requirements will be within your budget on your new salary with your recruitment advisor.

Another aspect to consider this year is the possibility or transitioning into the public sector from the private sector. See weeks hotenough.com article ‘Who in UK Is Hiring Professionals Affected by Redundancy This Autumn?‘ for more details on big businesses that are taking on more staff now. (4) With Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Chancellor Rishi Sunak leading the government spending is at an all time high to give the economy a much needed boost as industry deals with and recovers from this years health crisis and a national lockdown. It could be the right time to switch to a post funded by the taxpayer and the United Kingdom’s state treasury. The National Health Service have more than ten thousand vacancies and there is a concerted recruitment drive by a variety of care service providers.

Johnson announced substantial backing to an expanded Green economy policy today. Therefore organisations that are involved in creating the infrastructure and building new projects to enable UK citizens to enjoy more parks and cycleways will have the budgets from Westminster to create fresh roles. Each council area is to be given money for new projects. Green energy companies and electric car manufacturers will all be benefiting from extra funding to increase the size of their teams.

Some environmentalists and those more on the left wing of politics are sceptical at the latest statements from the PM about investing in the future of healthcare, green energy and green economy jobs. However this year it is wise to analyse what sectors have been gaining financially from all the fast changes that have occurred across the nation due to coronavirus and the unknown consequences of Brexit at the end of this year.

It is sensible to consider heading in a different work direction if it looks like your current role will not be feasible in the future. Look closely at your transferable skills and see how they may match an alternative field. As more people are affected by the end of furlough payments at the end of October, it could be a case of ‘the early bird that catches the worm’ when snapping up a position in an area where the future prospects look much more consistently bright.


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