Hundreds of Charities Call for Heroes to Do The 2.6 Challenge

Two Point Six Challenge for UK charities
Two Point Six Challenge for UK charities

The 2.6 challenge aims to “save the UK’s charities”. Using the number 2.6 as a starting point, the Just Giving website dares people of all ages and all walks of life to think up an ambitious goal involving the numbers two and six and create their own personal or group goal to achieve on or from the 26th of April 2020. (1)

Gaining sponsorship from friends and colleagues for completing a brilliant task will enable citizens to do their bit for good causes in the community all around the United Kingdom. They can donate personally to the Just Giving website if they wish and it is suggested that £26 is an ideal amount of money per person to help those organisations that make a difference to the lives of those who are struggling with social, mental and health issues in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Several small donations of £2.60 or larger multiples would be welcomed too. This is because contributions of all sizes add up to ensuring the work of specialist and key workers and the volunteers that make our country better for the vulnerable and those in need of help can continue. Charities provide extra services which are separate and in addition to the National Health Service and other council run healthcare and well being programmes.

The managers of this new online event intend the 2.6 concept to be about average men, women and children completing unique tasks, that all stay within the current government regulations, to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Many charities have got onboard such as St Wilfred’s Hospice in Bosham in West Sussex. The Board members are keen to keep their financial accounts in good shape, so they can continue their work caring for those who are facing terminal illnesses and people who need constant care and assistance to ‘live well’.

St Wilfred’s cares for over 300 patients both in the hospice and in the community. This vital work has continued despite the coronavirus pandemic and their Just Giving page states

we’re doing everything to ensure our services continue without compromising patient safety.”

It is also possible for the public to make their own Just Giving pages to highlight their kind and fun philanthropic projects. These pages can be linked to their social network to raise extra funds that will help others less fortunate than themselves.

Some ideas proposed by the Just Giving portal for fundraising with family include doing a sport or party trick for 26 minutes or even hours, depending on the activity. Reading 26 books or drawing 26 rainbows could be a great option. Camping out all night on the 26th April is certainly good thinking for accomplishing a memorable mission.

Tenacious tests for groups could be a 26 question quiz, getting 26 friends together for an online workout, dancing to music with friends online for 26 minutes, hosting a virtual supper for 26 minutes or sharing 26 minutes of a favourite musical on the meeting sharing software Zoom.

Doing something special on your own is also encouraged such as baking 26 cupcakes, learning to count to 26 in a different language, walking 2.6 miles inside your house, running 2.6 miles or running round your garden 26 times or doing 26 press-ups are all inspiring examples too.

UK based charities all need donations now as the usual contributions are disrupted because many businesses are closed and many regularly generous citizens have not been able to earn their living in the normal way. Some of the population may not be able to afford to give to others at this difficult time.

Almost all the fundraising events held during the sporting and artistic season have been or will be cancelled this year as they involve ‘unnecessary journeys’ and it would be impossible for the crowds of visitors to keep 2 metres apart.

St Wilfred’s Hospice report that “85% of the running costs are not supported by the NHS so fundraising is very important to raise the £7.7 million needed to run the charities services each year.” St Wilfred’s recruit, train and support volunteers in a variety of roles in their charity shops and fundraising events. However their retail operations are not able to open to the public at this time potentially costing them £1.7 million in expected income over 12 months. (2)

Therefore St Wilfred’s and many other charities leaders hope that with the continued support from business partners in the region and private residents living in the county, that it is possible to carry on delivering extremely high quality care in the community, for all who need it, every day of the year.

Although this months 2.6 challenge is a virtual gathering, St Wilfred’s Hospice leaders are still hoping that several ‘open gardens’ activities will be able to take place this summer. Following the latest UK minister’s guidelines on managing the impact of Covid-19 it may be possible to carefully adapt these outdoor botanical tours to ensure everyone is keeping a safe distance.

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