Live Van Gogh Show Is A Sell Out Success

Sunflower at Van Gogh event Drapers Hall
Sunflower at Van Gogh event Drapers Hall

The Van Gogh themed event at the community and arts space at Drapers Hall, Hampton Street in south London this month was a great success.

On Sunday 10th March from 4:30 until 8pm some well known London based artists and some budding amateurs gathered together. The location was just south of the river Thames and all enjoyed the excellent and theatrical one man show by Walter deForest, a renowned New York based artist appearing as ‘Van Gough.’ The famous painter ‘came back to the present’ complete with a Dutch accent. Around forty people bought tickets to attend this colourful and interesting Sunday afternoon with a special performance.

All ages enjoyed each others company and made new friends as they all listened, sketched, and then talked while sharing tea and a delicious ‘home cooked’ supper. A welcoming Drapers Hall team made sure everyone was seated and then treated to a suitable meal and even catered for vegan visitors.

Drapers Hall organises many arts events in their large auditorium room which is suitable for performances and workshops and was laid out with tables for this unique evening.

‘Van Gogh’ was wonderfully convincing and still just as talented in the 21st century and he drew more than two dozen portraits of the guests at the artistic party. Those participating were invited to draw portraits of the individual sitting opposite them using paper and coloured felt tip pens, even if it was the first time they had ever met that person! Sunflowers and other images from the great Dutch masters work were also brightly emulated by those in the audience. It was wonderful to see all the different unique styles and colour combinations displayed on the walls and the furniture surfaces by the time for the group to go home.

It was great value at £6 for an adult ticket and £4 for children and a good example of accessible art in the city. Draper Together is an organisation with a mission “to join together through a collective effort, to provide what the community needs; where taking part develops us as valued members of society.” The Draper Together website goes on to explain how “We welcome all those who feel alone or excluded, whether they are new residents or have lived in the Elephant and Castle for a long time; by offering a place of inclusion and optimism.”

A family friendly and educational creative session was experienced by all. Several friends meeting at the show went on afterwards to celebrate the brilliant evening in style, at a fine Victorian drinking establishment nearby. Van Gogh would almost certainly have been very happy about this lively occasion which studied and commemorated his life and his contribution to modern art.

Whether living in or just visiting the SE17 area of London it is well worth checking out the vibrant theatre and workshops coming up at this popular venue to add a cultural flourish to your Spring. We are also excited about a new exhibition of Van Gogh’s painting collection at the Tate Britain in London, which opens at the end of this March and will continue to inspire the summer crowds into the second week of August.

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Van Gogh at Tate Britain