Upshoot Rolls Out In West Sussex

Central London Property View
Central London Property View

A powerful new property website is now right up your street.

What’s Upshoot?

Upshoot is a new website for buying and selling property. Upshoot was launched in November 2017 and displays the details of thousands of properties currently on the market. After a successful launch in London, Kent and Surrey, Sussex is the latest on the list to be added to the online collection that will soon cover all the counties in the UK.

Following a users search request Upshoot analyses all the available accommodation for sale and displays the best matches whilst also presenting potential development opportunities. Customers can see what building work they could have done in order to develop their current property. Visitors to the site can then compare this with a possible new purchases and see details of what improvement works they could complete and even how much the likely cost of the work would be.

Head of Brand Joshua Findlater states how “Upshoot allows users to conduct intuitive, smart searches such as; ‘120 sq m 4 bed house in Tunbridge Wells with a 200 sq m south facing garden under £500k.” This saves people time and research looking for the perfect place to live or their next development project.

Who is Upshoot Aimed At?

The young, bright Upshoot team consists of architects, town planners and estate agents as well as sales and technical specialists. Upshoot head office is based in Tower Bridge in central London and is now becoming available online everywhere in England and then potentially everywhere. Owner Adam Tarr is an architect who has been developing the business for more than a decade.

Brad Keen, Trade Sales Manager for West Sussex is enthusiastic about rolling out the concept across the country and is focusing on finding the right builders and interior designers in each county to recommend via the website. This means individuals who have found properties they are interested in developing into their ideal homes will be able to view a portfolio of projects by professional trades people and companies and contact them to arrange an initial quote, all at a click of a button. Keen describes how “We would like to add to the specialists available with electricians and plasterers and so on, as we move forward.”

How Upshoot Is Set To Shake Up the Market

Many different people benefit from using the site with its sophisticated features.

Upshoot is perfect for private individuals, estate agents, developers, contractors and professional service providers such a conveyancers or architects. One of the key aspects of the sites success is “making the whole process from the initial search through to the purchase and development of a property a seamless experience.”

Upshoot currently deliver over 1,000 Feasibility reports a month to homebuyers showing them what is possible including rear extensions, loft conversion, outbuildings and garage conversions. Mr Tarr says the difference with Upshoot is “the site’s algorithms analyse the development potential of individual properties and illustrates to users what could be achieved with each building in terms of alteration and extension.”

The entrepreneurial architect continues to say how “Since its launch last November, the website has seen in excess of 30000 searches and 3000 development enquiries on specific properties. “

Properties which have the ability to add another bedroom and homes with good access to certain local amenities can be quickly identified. This has also proved hugely beneficial for sellers as they can now illustrate to potential buyers the hidden value of their property, as well as widening their audience to those willing to extend or develop a property to suit their requirements.

How Does Upshoot Compare To The Property Search Giants?

If a customer is looking for a specific type of home and is able to undertake work to achieve owning their dream place Upshoot leads the way in making the process a breeze.

Established industry leaders Rightmove enjoy a massive market share and do already provide comprehensive details on real estate for sale. Rightmove also cover land and commercial property and they have several articles on their website about the latest trends in the market.

Similarly Primelocation is another major player that excels at both quantity of properties listed and provides a good quality of presentation with a general search criteria. Advertising on the Primelocation might put off some visitors to the site but it does provide some advice for first time buyers and general market information and news.

New virtual reality technology is developing fast and is perfectly positioned to be able to add new features and advancements as they become available.

Upshoot Is Set To Pop Up Nationwide

Upshoot’s business model is free to use for new customers and their sales revenue comes from partnering businesses presenting their services. In this way advertising companies will benefit from connecting with new customers interested in the potential development projects that arise through the recommended property reports generated.

Prices in the south of England are as high as ever and buyers are looking for more sophisticated ways of finding their perfect pad. Upshoot provides a innovative fresh option for customers who want a specific type of search. Upshoot also aims to appeal to those who are seeking to gain the most bang for their buck in the future, by adding value to a property.

Using technology to do the hard work comparing vital statistics and information on thousands of possible places it will be easier than ever to move up the ladder. With Upshoot shaking up the online property search game throughout the country this year, for reinventing the traditional high street estate agency, the sky is the limit.